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The Terrible Pranks of Din Din and Friggy Piggy

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This song makes me so happy and dancy :D I have no idea what they’re singing but I love singing along!

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Big Green…no not Piccolo.

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[I wrote this on my break at work. 27/03/14]
I’ve finished reading Planet Hulk. I’ve also watched it, I decided to watch it first then read it and I took my sweet time reading. Had tonnes of fun doing so.It made me realise how much I love the Hulk. If I could approach him I would and give him a hug if he’d let me. I’d let him cry if he wanted, for a long while too. I’ve got time.

This is the second time I’ve finished a Hulk story on the bus and tried not to cry. How it must feel to have your new, pregnant wife disintegrate in your arms. Looking at the panels while he’s screaming “Give them back!” over and over.

Why is it when Hulk tastes happiness, just bloody tastes it, the Avengers fuck it up somehow. I know they mean well but…stop it guys.

In other news, someone sat next to me on the bus. She came and sat next to me with her wide arse and hip-checked me even closer to the window. She had me pinned, it was difficult to breathe and to read my large book with her next to me. I felt like just pushing her off the bloody chair.Her, sitting next to me was tooth-grindingly angering enough, but then she offered me a God leaflet :|

Now I’m irritated and sad at the same time, stupid bus passenger. Stupid Planet Hulk! I’m glad a lot of this shit was missed out of the movie. I don’t think I would have handled the last scene very well. I would have just cried for days because I watched it on my own.

[This bit I’m adding now, just going to carry on like I didn’t stop writing.] Now all I have to do is scour the town for World War Hulk and see him fuck shit up. I saw it in HMV in’t Arndale but I think may get a better price either online or in my usual comic shops. Hell I might even look in charity shops. That’s where I got that sweet haul of Brightest Day, Heroic Age and Planet Hulk.
Which reminds me, I have to finish my short series collections. I think on Free Comic Book Day I may spend hours going through the back issues boxes. You can’t argue with back issues for 50p! Then I gotta find somewhere that hold the Amory Wars. I need that series in my veins. If not in a brick and mortar then online.

Sigh, I think that’s all. I still want to give Hulk a hug and let him cry on my shoulder. Literally just 3 days of happiness, that’s the most he can get at a time? Pssh. whatever.

Off World

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I’m a little fuzzy on some details of this dream so there will be some thoughts in brackets and bold.
I can tell you, though, I woke up feeling 100% baller. I saved everyone in the dream…except 1 guy. The colour scheme of the dream seems to be blue

The soundtrack to this dream was Vaughan William’s symphony no.5 and towards the end Adagio for strings, opp. 11a.

It started off with me and my team landing in a sweet looking ship on this supposedly uninhabited planet.
I was a scientist/soldier, we had 2 other scientists, another soldier and another guy. I’m not sure what his purpose in the team was but we obviously needed him for some reason.

We got off the ship. I’m in scientist mode so technically we had 3 scientists, a soldier and a spare. Now the standards of ‘uninhabited’ from the guys running this space program were a little flimsy because while we’re investigating this place and taking samples we encountered bugs.
There were bugs of two sizes; my height or a foot taller and smaller ones that look like blue giant isopods.

The big ones has four arms; the top two arms instead of 3 fingered hands like the bottom two, had these kinda scythes you’d see on isopods. They walked on two legs and were also blue but not as bright as the smaller ones.
[I’m gonna let you google that because putting pictures in this and resizing them is a bitch.]
The smaller ones looked mostly like isopods but had fewer legs.

We were approached by one big bug and about 6 small ones. I had a theory that the small bugs were children to the big ones. I kept that to myself.
The big one tried communicated with us with what sounded like buzzes (like what a fly sounds like) and clicks. He wanted us to come with him to his home so we followed. [I’m a little hazy on the exterior of it.]
The inside kinda looked like the ship we’d arrived in which kind of made the soldier drop his guard a little, I did too.

Though it looked like our ship we searched for differences. There were a couple here and there. The main ones were that this seemed like a series of tunnels and there was no cockpit or anything to imply it could move at all. We followed the big bug and his children to what looked like a food hall. We were treated like guests by these creatures. We ate and laughed with the big bugs (I dunno how we managed to do this but I didn’t question it).
My team only had rations for a couple of days so this was a blessing to us. We ate our fill and it was time to go. We thanks the bugs as best as we could and gathered out bags and started searching for a way out and back to our ship.

Then there was a problem. The bugs didn’t want us to leave they wouldn’t let us. [I can’t remember very well here.] I think that one of our scientists panicked and ran but he was torn down by a big bug. I didn’t know why they wouldn’t let us leave but it was time to fight our way out. I switched to soldier mode and fought back to back with my soldier. He threw me a gun and we shot down a couple bugs and ran out a tunnel with outside at the end of it.
It was the wrong outside, we’d come out on the other side of this place and the ship could have been in any direction. That didn’t matter for the moment, we just needed to get away from the bugs.

Luckily our remaining scientist made it out and we met up with him. We watched this seemingly purposeless guy on our team wrangle down a big bug and kill it and rejoin us. We ran forward as fast as our legs could carry us. We ended up on this plateau kind of place. The bugs were slow but we could see them coming. [I was starting to feel the stress now.] I was struggling to think what we could do and some one told me to turn around and look.

Boom, a bloody Stargate! This one seemed broken somehow though because it was open but instead of a wormhole it was showing some kinda feed from the SGC, mainly Major Carter’s face.
Conveniently there was a walkie talkie on the address dial. I grabbed it and I wanted to say we were in trouble, that we need immediate help.
"This is…" I turn round and my team are laughing at me because I think this contraption will save us. "SHUT UP! I’M TRYING TO SAVE OUR ASSES!"
[I think they thought I watched too much Stargate or something. Even in this dream Stargate is just a TV show?]

Major Carter made a face, I think she heard me telling my team to shut up before I let go of the button. “What the problem?” she asked.
"Oh god, it’s like a starship troopers situation right now," I replied. I turn round and see a wave of blue coming closer. "Oh they’re coming."
I think the Major sees this and decides to help us. There was a camera at the top of the gate.
Major Carter wanted me to confirm that we’re human [?] by sticking my fingers through an open gate on a floating, big screen TV next to the gate that was there. I only managed to get the tips of my fingers through before I got a shock or something.

She said we couldn’t dial straight to the SGC but she could find the nearest destination to get us out and that there was an authorised gate to send us to the SGC in California but there was some kind of time limit to getting to that particular gate. We only had 24 hours to get to it. [I say 24 hours because we arrived on the other side during the day and the dreams ends at night.]

She gives us the address, I dial it, it opens and I run in. My team follow after they’ve realised that I’m saving them with this thing. We end up on a plateau again but this time facing a jungle a la Power Rangers the movie. There was no address dial on this gate for some reason so we had 24 hours to get to California from this jungle. [The time limit put stress on me while I was sleeping.]
We set off immediately through the jungle in what I hoped what the right direction. We didn’t encounter people or animals, it was smooth sailing. Until we got to this area where we had to figure out how to get down without breaking limbs. [I can’t remember what happened but it caused me more stress. That obstacle also cost us our other scientist.] One of the last parts was a short jump down and onward. The spare guy on the team just froze staring at us with a blank face and refused to jump.
"Come on, son! Jump we gotta go!" my soldier shouted. "It’s not that big of a jump, come on!" I added. He just stood there looking at us while we were shouting at him to get a move on. it was only then that I noticed he was of Native American descent and didn’t have a shirt. [?]

"Ah fuck it!" I said while running off. My soldier followed. We told ourselves that he wanted to stay in the jungle for the sake of our consciences. There were only 2 of us left, the soldiers. [This would count as a failed mission, we didn’t even have our samples and info we collected on the bug planet.]

We fucking ran and fucking ran. We hit tarmac after miles and miles of jungle.
I saw a blue beacon and ran towards it with my soldier in tow. We arrived at night in this huge hangar/warehouse place and there was floating, big screen TV again, Major Carter on screen.I had the walkie talkie with me the whole time and I told her we’d arrived. I look behind the TV and see a covered gate being uncovered. This one was unusually large so it took a lot of people to uncover.
"We’re here! We made it!" I just kept saying that and looking around at everything and the men and women working on removing the gate’s protective coverings. [I’ve never felt joy like this before. The adagio only made it worse. The dream ended without me and my soldier even going through the gate to meet Major Carter. I was so happy I woke up.]

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks to listening to symphony no.5 and adagio I managed to remember a decent chunk of the dream. Woo!

If you got this far, thank you! I’m gonna lay down and reflect on this dream.
Bye-bee! (Akira-chan, damn it!)


what if the coins you find randomly at the bottom of drawers and in between couch cushions are actually from spiders trying to pay rent


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