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I should probably go to sleep…


I should probably-


I should-


Fuck it.


Yup. One time I kept doing this and it was time to go to work. I hadn’t slept at all. I wasn’t finished with the story either so that’s all I could think of when I was working.

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thisdorkyblogthing said: FMGDW- Tom Hiddleston, but his dick is one of those giant novelty pencils, Sebastian Stan, but his dick is made out of lego, or Chris Hemsworth, who has an entirely normal dick, but he has on a chastity belt of which neither of your has the key to.


omg does tom’s penis say things like ‘greetings from disneyland’

omg seb’s peen is lego

omg this makes it so much harder

heh harder

okay so I’ll



I’ll get drunk with tom to see what he’d do with his big pencil shlong or be like mr squiggle where he can draw things upside down and I can guess them

I’ll do the diddly with 

… ahhh..




I’ll marry Hemmyhoot and we can be australian together and pretend our life is normal even with his heavy chasity belt

while I try to do the diddly do with seb or I’ll just sit on his face while trying to never step on his dick or sing everything is awesome to it

HOLY SHIT, I’M IN PAIN. My cackles sound like I’m crying now.
"big pencil shlong"
"and pretend out life is normal even with his heavy chastity belt" I fucking imagined him like in the first Thor instead of tight jeans it’s a chastity belt. I did myself more physical injury with that though, oh jesus!


A punky dame….not Tank GIrl.

Is that Pinky?


A punky dame….not Tank GIrl.

Is that Pinky?




professional punk fuck yes

Puppy Core

Sand Punk For LIFE!

Pain Goth…I’m not sure to be annoyed because it’s somewhat accurate or because I got Pain Goth.

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This song is kicking my arse full force!!

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